Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fetch Amazon s3 (aws) backup from console

If you are using backup gem for creating your backups to s3 bucket (or any other gem) logging to your AWS console web interface each time you want to download backup is painfull.
Much faster solution is to fetch the dump via console with s3cmd
sudo apt-get install s3cmd
First you need to create user http://docs.aws.amazon.com/IAM/latest/UserGuide/Using_SettingUpUser.html and add him a role that will allow s3 access (e.g. S3FullAccess )
Now that you have Access Key ID and Secret Access Key you can configure s3cmd
s3cmd --configure
One thing you should avoid are special chars in passphraze http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16512312/s3cmd-incomplete-format-error/16714176#16714176
To try if it works do:
s3cmd ls
You should see list of your bucket names. If you getting 403 you didn't configure your user role ore you misspeld the key/secret
Depending on where/how you store backups you can list what's the latest backup with:
s3cmd ls s3://my-project-production-dbbackup/production_db_backups/my-projcet_backup/
and download it with
s3cmd get s3://my-project-production-dbbackup/production_db_backups/my-projcet_backup/2014. /tmp/

raw file: https://github.com/equivalent/scrapbook2/blob/master/archive/mini-blogs/2014-11-11-fetch-amazon-s3-backup-from-console.md